Our Team

Our expertise is in computer-based solutions. We engineer solutions that allow businesses to operate their buildings at increased energy efficiency and operational performance.

E Solutions is an evolution of the controls business of Edwards Electrical and Mechanical Services which was established in 1968.   In response to those customers who were calling for a more “green” approach, E Solutions dedicated our business to meet and ultimately exceed those needs. The E Solutions team is made up of seasoned automation and HVAC industry veterans and includes mechanical, chemical, electrical and environmental engineers on staff.

Executive Team

Paul G. Morey is an industry veteran with top leadership experience. Paul is the President of E Solutions, Past Senior Vice-President of Comfort Systems USA and President of the National Service Group.  He was also the owner of Kuempel Service, a major mechanical/electrical service provider in Cincinnati, Ohio for many years.  Paul is a civil and environmental engineer from Clarkson University and truly enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems for our customers.

Greg Bielefeld is the Vice President of E Solutions.  Greg comes to E Solutions from Honeywell International in national and global roles.  He earned his B.S. in chemical engineering from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and his M.B.A. from Butler University. Greg is also a CEM with many years of energy experience.

Carson Morey is the Operations Manager for E Solutions and manages large projects for the business. A Mechanical Engineer from Clarkson University, Carson came to E Solutions from Turner Construction where he worked managing some of the largest projects in the country.  Carson is WEBs-AX and VFD certified.

Sales & Estimating

Joe Houchins leads our estimating team. He learned controls by way of the Marine Corp. He is a journeyman electrician with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Vincennes University. Joe is currently the lead estimator at E Solutions. He coordinates with customers to make sure that all of their needs are addressed.

Equipment Sales

Jerry Lyons runs EQS equipment business. He has his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman and his B.S. of Information Technology – Software from WGU. He began his career as an environmental engineer 30 years ago. He has extensive experience in engineering, management, regulatory compliance, custom application projects and commercial and industrial design. Jerry is currently an HVAC equipment specialist.

Shannon Conner

Project Managers

Matt Simmons is a journeyman electrician and comes to Esolutions from the Indianapolis Zoo as the Facilities Director.

Paul Garcia leads the Kentucky office and is a genius from the University of Louisville. He has 30 years of experience in almost every aspect of engineering. Paul partners with building owners to bring their visions for a building to life. From design, to install, to check out, he manages projects to meet building needs and exceed owner expectations.

Chris Cox is a Project Manager with 20 years of experience. Chris has successfully managed commercial, industrial and government projects. Chris has experience as an electrician, estimator and controls manager. He is a journeyman electrician and is WEB-AX and WEB-N4 certified.

Chuck Medlock handles Northern Indiana and Chicago Markets for Esolutions. He comes from an extensive controls and equipment background with experience at KMC, Teletrol and Chillit. Chuck invented and produced the Chillit Heat Recovery chiller and sold the business to Waterfurnace prior to coming to Esolutions.

John Havel received a business degree from Western Michigan University.  After graduation he worked for 2 years at Havel Bros. Inc. out of their Kalamazoo, Michigan branch and their South Bend, Indiana branch.  He then became the Vice President of Aircon Engineering, Inc. where he worked for the last 37 years as a service manager, lead HVAC estimator and as a salesman.  John has extensive experience with HVAC systems and temperature controls.  He has now joined E Solutions as a project manager.

Service Managers

Dave Anderson is E Solution’s Service Manager. He has 35 years of experience. Dave’s team keeps 400 customer’s systems running smoothly. He partners with customers to find solutions for their service and small project needs. Dave is JCI Facility Explorer Niagara N4 and AX certified. He has extensive experience with HVAC, temperature controls and air balance.

TJ Terrell is a Service Project Manager for E Solutions. He is an experienced Controls Integration professional with 20 years of experience. TJ has a background as an electrician for commercial, institutional, government and industrial facilities. He came to E Solutions from DEEM where he led their controls efforts and was a cornerstone for the delivery of numerous large projects throughout the state.

Alan Newbold is the Controls Integration Manager for E Solutions. He came to E Solutions from Duke Realty Corporation where he was their Building Automation Administrator. Alan has over 30 years of design and development experience in building automation solutions for office buildings, hospitals, medical buildings, educational campuses, retail, and industrial parks. Alan is the resident professor with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and multiple networking and software development certifications.


Ashley Stahly is an Integration Engineer and Project Manager for E Solutions. She has extensive graphics, installation, programming and commissioning experience. She is an Environmental Engineer from Purdue University.

Matt Green is a mechanical engineer from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Matt makes things work. After graduating college, he spent two years in the field learning from the ground up. He has extensive experience in controls programming and commissioning.

Jeremy Webner is a Design Engineer. He excels at 3D modeling and design. Before joining E Solutions, Jeremy did graphic design for Ivy Tech in the fundraising and advertising departments. He is currently working on fabrication drawings and solution engineering for hot cells and clean rooms.

Jake Tragesser is a young Controls Engineer. He hired on with E Solutions after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Process Controls/ Fluid Blending

Sam Leedy leads the Process Team and manages the Aircraft De-icing business for E Solutions. He is a master electrician with 20 years of experience. He is AX, WEBs-AX, VFD and Allen Bradley and KMC System Integrator certified. Sam is currently the project manager on a $5 million dollar hot cell and clean room project.

Kevin Niederkorn is a journeyman electrician with 20 years of experience. He was a Ranger in the Army and brings that same brand of excellence to the controls business. Kevin is a process controls specialist with extensive experience in airplane de-icing. He has Allen Bradley certifications.

Dustin Leedy is a controls and electrical apprentice. He is learning from the ground up. He is currently doing installation on a large scale building renovation and pharmaceutical retrofit.


Aaron Brusman is E Solution’s Security Manager and has been in the controls business for 20 years. He started his career in the Army working in electronics and is currently leading the security team’s full enterprise projects in hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities and commercial buildings.

Ryan Smith is on the Control Integration team with Alan. He has his B.A. in Business Management and Production. He currently does graphics and commissioning but has experience in electrical, safety, maintenance and controls installation.

Field Staff

Justin Duke is a site superintendent and is a Journeyman Electrician has 10 years of experience in controls. His background is commercial and industrial electrical work. He is currently working on a 3 year temperature controls addition and renovation project in an occupied High School.

Joe Story is a lead Service Technican. Somehow, Joe can solve just about any problem.

Kevin Weber is a lead electrician for Esolutions and has worked on projects at Butler University, Brownsburg WWTP and Mount Vernon. He coaches wrestling in his spare time.

Tim McCaslin is a journeyman electrician with an Associate’s Degree from Vincennes University. He has five years experience in controls.

Joshua Stubbs is a journeyman electrician and works on large integration projects for ESolutions

Ben Houchins works on the installation team for Esolutions and comes to us with an extensive background in industrial plant work.

Aaron Wykes works with our service team providing installation and startup services. Aaron has an extensive background in HVAC and came to Esolutions from Aircon.

Joe Louive brings 20 years of electrical experience to the Hawaii team. He has experience on large electrical and controls projects including a 17 story office and data center project in downtown Honolulu.

Karl Sullivan is a Security Technician with years of experience from ADT.

Nick Freeman

Ryan Oakes is a journeyman electrician who has years of experience installing and troubleshooting Security systems. He works with our Security team installing complex integrated security systems.

Ryan Schrader is a Service Technican and worked at the Indiana Government Center before joining E Solutions. He has an Associates Degree in Applied Science and currently works in the service department. Ryan has certifications in WEBs-AX, N4, Honeywell Spyder and Novar.


Nancy Schrader has 38 year experience in the construction industry and studied Computer Science at Ivy Tech State College earning her degree of Associates in Applied Science.   She currently manages administrative employees, the Accounts Receivable and Payables department and oversees the building maintenance as Office Manager at the main office in Indianapolis.  Prior to coming here in 2002, she worked at Honeywell International for 16 years.

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