Example Projects for local schools



Hamilton Heights Schools

In one of its older buildings and during a particularly cold winter, HHSC achieved a 92 Energy Star rating, one of the highest in Indiana.  Moreover, the district saved $139,000 between January and June of this year in gas and electricity.  These savings in the face of increased energy costs and severe weather, while improving the learning environment for its students.

Brownsburg High School- This was an upgrade project from an existing DDC system to a new N4 Honeywell system that took place over a three period while the school was still in use.  The work included a mixture of installing new HVAC equipment and renovating existing equipment.  The project involved over air handlers, boilers, (400 ton) chillers with cooling towers, fan powered VAVs with hydronic reheat coils, and hydronic unit heaters.  This project required an extensive amount of onsite coordination with school staff and project management staff. 

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