Hawaiian TelCom Central Offices – Oahu, HI

This is an on going project that has so far required single zone to static pressure control conversion at 28 mission-critical central switching offices, including the installation of Honeywell Variable Frequency Drives, Power Meters, Zone Dampers, Actuators, and Temperature Sensors. The replacement of existing Andover control system included HVAC, door security, and environmental alarms at all sites. All site JACEs have been linked to a central supervisor and all alarms routed to HT’s network operations center. Sites that have been converted averaged a savings of xx%  and have resulted in an overall savings for Hawaiian Telcom of $xx..xx over the project timeline. Phase 2 is in the planning stage with Neighbor Island and smaller Oahu sites targeted for Andover to Honeywell conversion.

Hawaiian TelCom Main Office – Honolulu, HI

This project has included the replacement of existing Andover controls system for HT’s 17th Floor Main office including 60 air handling units, 4 400 ton chillers, 3 50 hp secondary chilled water pumps, 4 20 hp primary chilled water pumps, 4 30 hp condenser water pumps, and 4 20 hp cooling tower fans. All pumps received new Honeywell Variable Frequency Drives. Occupancy sensor control and new VAV controllers were added to office spaces. Each converted unit now has Power meter monitoring. JACEs have been installed on every floor and linked to a central supervisor and all alarms are routed to HT’s network operations center.

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